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Meet Sophia Anderson

The essence of Sophia is powerful and distinctive – but like the lady herself, hard to pin down. An international traveller, tastemaker and style icon, Sophia embodies feminine mystique at its very best.


Whether she’s stepping onto a first class flight or stepping out for cocktails, Sophia takes absolute pride in looking and feeling her best. Amongst her favourite things: ruby-soled stilettos, classic corsetry and perhaps an unexpected glimpse of seamed stockings and suspenders. She’s unapologetic about her expensive taste – after all, it’s a lady’s right to treat herself and Sophia knows she’s worth it.


There’s no doubt that Sophia makes quite an impression when walking into a room. But while she frequently catches the eye of admirers, make no mistake: everything Sophia does is for herself.


From slipping on a pencil skirt, to spraying on a cloud of Chanel No. 5, she does it because it simply feels incredible. And this is the true key to Sophia’s allure.

“True seduction isn’t about what you give away: it’s about what you hold back and keep for yourself. The lingerie you choose, the heels you wear - it’s all for you. That’s what makes femininity feel so powerful and so amazing.”


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