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Hello Sophia

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Well here we go – the beginning of Sophia’s new path on her life’s journey of being true to herself, celebrating her love for the timeless fashion style of a lady with an eye-catching but soft, caring presence and supporting and encouraging women who embrace their own sensuality….for themselves.

Hello everyone, my name is Sophia Anderson. This is my first blog I have written ever in my life. So be gentle on your comments please…! But do please be honest….always….. with me. I will do some really good things, I will make mistakes and not see how some comments or thoughts of mine might upset people. I am human. We all are. But I do listen and reflect often – I am so curious about self-reflection and learning about human behaviour so I can live a richer life.

I sincerely hope as I travel along this path with you, that you come to get to know me better, we can engage and communicate at a meaningful level and most importantly, have some fun and laughter at life, ourselves and the world. Over time, I will give you snippets of Sophia’s life so far, the good, the bad and the ugly, what matters to me most, some mantras of mine, my values and what I enjoy doing.

And in the modern era though of an easy to get impression in your head via social media that everyone is living a better life than you and is always happy, I promise you I will talk about the hared side of life and its struggles and not only the good side. But I do believe that out of every crappy day or moment, can come good in some shape or form. Whether it be simply the memory of that horrible experience that you do not wish to repeat again so you seek to avoid that happening or it gives you a lesson that you can use in the future.

Sophia is grateful for all her own experiences as that is what makes her who she is. Same for you. It is not just a phrase to say you are unique – you are 100%, and try to believe and own that, darling lady every day.

Why am I opening up Sophia to you all? I have been lucky to have had some lovely experiences in my life to date…and by the way, have lots of things I still wish to do in my life. But I have also had some dark times mental health wise and grief at times. What helped me most then? True friends and professional help who took me step by step to learn to really….and I mean really….love myself for the first time in my life (and I am not that young…”But oh you look much younger” I hear you cry!!!).

That giving of help in a non-judgmental way has saved me in many senses and given me the self-confidence (not arrogance) to evolve into who Sophia truly is and will forever be.

A mission in my life now is for Sophia to help others in any way she can, especially women wanting to feel more empowered about themselves and so project energy and happiness into the world. I do believe the universe will take notice and give you a whole new set of experiences as it has recently done for me.

From the very first days of puberty and learning about sexuality and the intimate world, I have adored stylish and sensual lingerie, stockings (with seamed stockings my personal favourite, but not fishnets for me – that is another conversation for later) and classic high heel stiletto shoes on a woman hidden (mostly...) provocatively under a formal, cocktail or everyday dress or tailored suit, whether with skirt or pants. Think 1950s glamour but with a modern twist.

You will learn on some areas I am open to lots of different things and go with the flow. But on others I have a favoured thing and this has been a constant throughout my life. A good example of what I say is the contrasts about Sophia. I now wish to showcase that style and what it can do for a woman for her to feel good about herself……for herself. If that has the effect of making her attractive to others and open up new opportunities in her life, well what a lovely benefit!!

So to round out where all this talk is heading, Sophia is here to combine her passions for women empowerment and embracement of her sensuality through dressing well with helping people in little ways through support, encouragement, expressing different ways of looking at life and being open about difficult emotions.

Most most importantly for me though is this is about Sophia simply saying what she thinks or is curious about. She has zero desire to force you to change your way to that of Sophia. My musings and thoughts are for you to read, if you wish to, and do what you wish to with them.

It is your choice. Your choice.

I see choice is a luxury to have when others in the world have much less choice. But everyone does have choice in so many ways so often in my experience – embrace that choice, choose one and go with the flow seeing where it takes you.

If I can share something that helps you in however small a way, then you will have made my day. I am naturally a “giver” and get much gratitude and warmth in my heart out of that. But only now do I realise how true that saying is “you can only really love someone else when you truly love yourself”.

Sophia is here to help women love themselves in a stylish, sensual and authentic way.

Live. Love. Laugh. Listen. Learn.

Sophia x

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